Monday, March 2, 2009

Quick! Get the mutton!

Vegetarian Eve:
At 11:53 last night I realized our vegetarian month was about to begin. "Quick!" I told Steve, "We're about to become vegetarians! Let's go eat a mutton chop before it's too late!" To the best of my knowledge, I've never eaten a mutton chop in my whole life. In fact, I'm not even sure exactly what a mutton is, but I'm pretty sure it's some sort of animal, or at least part of one, and it seemed of utmost importance that I had a chop of it in the next seven minutes. Steve did not share my urgency and he rolled over and went back to sleep. I rushed downstairs to look for some mutton and, finding none, settled on a handful of bacos.


  1. I am sad to admit but my husband has in fact consumed mutton. He belongs to a monthly "steak club" with his brother and some other friends where they go to different steak houses around the city. It is a "no girl's allowed" sort of club. Sadly this doesn't really offer me any assistance to help you define what mutton actually is.....

    It is great to read your writing again. Your hold nothing back personality definitely comes out and I have missed it! I can't wait to follow along for some more.

  2. Thanks, Sara! Actually, Just-Barely's still rolling, but the feed keeps going to people's spam folders because it sounds kind of dirty. ;)
    Let me know when you find out what a mutton is! Until then, I have catching up to do on your blog!

  3. Muttons are what you wear on your hands in the winter to keep them from getting cold. ;)
    Semper Fi, Hank

  4. Duh. Mutton = sheep (not to be confused with lamb).


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