Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Nature of Meat

Vegetarian Day 3:

Breakfast: Meatless smoothie--not the same w/o bacon in it.
Lunch: Some sort of grain and peanut salad thing I got at a hippie store and a handful of cookies.
Dinner: Mushroom pizza with real-vegetarian friends. Thought about eating the pepperoni I saw a little kid throw on the floor, bought another beer instead.

My friend Danielle posted the following on my facebook wall yesterday: "That's great. I thought that I was the only half assed vegetarian around. By the way, shrimp totally counts as meat!!" Danielle brings up an interesting point. Does fish count as meat? Steve says yes, I say shut up. Cast your vote on the poll to the right and let me know if you think yea or nay. I know some vegetarians eat fish and some don't, but I'm a self-proclaimed half-assed vegetarian, so no matter what the consensus is I'm going to eat fish as well as assorted tasty crustaceans. This is the benefit of doing something half-assed--you get to make up your own rules. Unless those rules involve running over puppies or shooting nuns. Those you shouldn't do.
I just found out sea lice, fish lice, while lice and tongue worms are all crustaceans. Those I will not be eating.

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  1. Lobster is a crustacean, too. Especially the Red kind, drenched in butter, IYKWIM.


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